April 2009,

It has been over one year since I began a series of articles as a warning about the dangers society faces with the interfaces of our brains and bodies with networks. I undertook this endeavor to be an early voice of warning and caution, to get attention focused on the subject, and to start a debate about an otherwise impenetrable and unsolved situation. Since that time, I have learned a great deal about it. I have researched it thoroughly and have made inroads and contacts in this new industry in an attempt to be a part of this seemingly inevitable future for us all. My hopes are to do my part to help secure these new networks, using my long history in HDTV and advanced research and development to assure that there will be no child left behind without network security in the future. A free mind and sovereignty over our own thoughts, with the choices to be who we want to be, without undue influence, must be the direction of the future. We face a danger that seems impossible or overhyped at first glance, but time will bear out these words, found on this blog. There cannot be a change without first knowing what needs to change. I hope you will find something useful here. These are my own opinions based on my own research and public information carefully examined. They are not the opinions of Femtobeam, the company, which seeks to remedy the ills caused by the loss of scientific IP over the past 25 years. Looking back on this original post, I found that it was very strongly worded as I am sure did the readers. I also found that one year later, information made public and brought to light proves out much of what was said here, although most of what is presented is more like an opportunity than a dangerous threat to our lives. It is a technological problem and it will remain one until it is resolved. I still believe that a serious threat exists, simply because the networks are not secure yet and much of the loss of important information has already occurred. The untold costs in terms of lifetime and quality of life are only truly known by the pioneers in these fields. This territory is one that we must master, for the individual and the greatness and the freedom of the world.

Robin L. Ore