From my friend and fellow Femtobeam LLC technical expert Jay Citizen, I learned about the exceptional CCleaner download from: CNET/CCleaner.


First, make a new document file folder and name it CCleaner Backup. Then go to the website and download the file. Once downloaded, check the boxes of what you need to clean off of your computer, but leave your search history…unless you have made a backup file of it that you can then re-import to your history (upper left), so you can revisit sites by finding them easily.

CCleaner found over 400 files on my computer of junk and very likely malware as I have been experiencing hardware problems for over 6 months! My screen was going off constantly and I searched and searched for the reasons this was happening.

My thanks to Jay for his experience and help. Watch this post for a recommendation about which check boxes to check, but here is a screenshot of the ones he told me to check:

CCleaner detail

CCleaner 2

CCleaner 3

After scanning your computer, CCleaner finds files and you select Fix selected issues, then do the same for the Registry.

BE SURE TO SAVE A BACKUP WHEN PROMPTED! This is important if you need to go back and find a file or resurrect something lost which you need.

After running this process, do the Scan for Issues again and CCleaner will probably find more issues. Then click Fix selected issues again and repeat until it finds no more issues.


The above issues were found on the second scan and a prompt to make another back up file came up when I pressed Fix selected issues. I saved that file and made a note of it. Jay said leave the backup document the same name so CCleaner can recognize it, but name your own file to put them in CC BACKUP.

That’s it. Your computer is clean! Now you can run the program whenever you feel your computer is in need of a cleaning and know that you can restore any file you need from the backup.

If you ever used the Advanced section to wipe Free Space and you have a large computer, it can take days, so only if you have a major problem would you need to try that. Jay says sometimes there is a bug that corrupts a place in free space and stays there to do it’s dirty work.

Spring cleaning now includes your computer and you are one step closer to the Cloud.

Be sure to follow this Blog as we migrate into the Cloud and show you how.

Happy Cleaning!