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From my friend and fellow Femtobeam LLC technical expert Jay Citizen, I learned about the exceptional CCleaner download from: CNET/CCleaner.


First, make a new document file folder and name it CCleaner Backup. Then go to the website and download the file. Once downloaded, check the boxes of what you need to clean off of your computer, but leave your search history…unless you have made a backup file of it that you can then re-import to your history (upper left), so you can revisit sites by finding them easily.

CCleaner found over 400 files on my computer of junk and very likely malware as I have been experiencing hardware problems for over 6 months! My screen was going off constantly and I searched and searched for the reasons this was happening.

My thanks to Jay for his experience and help. Watch this post for a recommendation about which check boxes to check, but here is a screenshot of the ones he told me to check:

CCleaner detail

CCleaner 2

CCleaner 3

After scanning your computer, CCleaner finds files and you select Fix selected issues, then do the same for the Registry.

BE SURE TO SAVE A BACKUP WHEN PROMPTED! This is important if you need to go back and find a file or resurrect something lost which you need.

After running this process, do the Scan for Issues again and CCleaner will probably find more issues. Then click Fix selected issues again and repeat until it finds no more issues.


The above issues were found on the second scan and a prompt to make another back up file came up when I pressed Fix selected issues. I saved that file and made a note of it. Jay said leave the backup document the same name so CCleaner can recognize it, but name your own file to put them in CC BACKUP.

That’s it. Your computer is clean! Now you can run the program whenever you feel your computer is in need of a cleaning and know that you can restore any file you need from the backup.

If you ever used the Advanced section to wipe Free Space and you have a large computer, it can take days, so only if you have a major problem would you need to try that. Jay says sometimes there is a bug that corrupts a place in free space and stays there to do it’s dirty work.

Spring cleaning now includes your computer and you are one step closer to the Cloud.

Be sure to follow this Blog as we migrate into the Cloud and show you how.

Happy Cleaning!


This is the absolute state of the art in communications applications.

Virtual Education Economics

(* Note: This is a revised and updated post originally based on the article in the Washington Post about the Virtual Revolution in College education. The link appears to be broken.)

Robin Lynn Ore

Two way interactive networks. with HDTV, can be just as effective as face to face communications. There is no reason why Universities will remain in control of the economics of degrees. The better professors can be paid for their audiences in large numbers, much like a movie star is today, bypassing the University systems altogether and making education more available to the masses, elective, and affordable.

This can only happen with a secure communications system and definitive identifiers, as well as an evaluation system for accreditation. Learning is learning, regardless of how the information is acquired. With a Personal Identifying Information (PII) component, it is also possible to know the originator of ideas, which have profit value, making theft by any means identifiable to law enforcement. This is critical to the protection of business trade secrets, researcher credits, child protection from pedophiles, and much more. It is important as well to job creation and the loss of value, and income, to cyber-thieves.

The networks are already moving into the mind. Embedded devices that connect brains to one another are already in place and expanding very rapidly. Neuromarketing is a reality and soon… advertisers will have unregulated access to medical devices (i.e.. implants). Brain studies into the minds of infants has been alluded to in using babies for mental vacations. It would not be a good time for the baby.

The sociological outcome will be either mind control, (which means a person has no choices or individuality, often disguised under other terms, like “social engineering”), or… it will become elective communications abilities, far beyond face to face communications or any audio visual experience. People will be able to communicate anything without the need for computers or phones.

We are at a crossroads between economics, sociology, and technology. As automated systems of all kinds, by necessity, prevent subjective mind controllers from forcing their “ways” upon us, individual human rights are at the core of the decision making about how these systems are evolving. Robotics is eliminating menial labor and even electronics and software will disappear, as we know them. They are being replaced by femtocells and tiny, distributed, interactive chips and embedded devices.

Education is too expensive, and therefore for the few, because of the rising costs of tuition, cost of housing and feeding students, not their professors. Laboratory equipment, books, and buildings are what tuition money pays for mostly. All of these can now be distributed to personal computers. It is only the verification of learning and testing that is required to verify skill. Most Universities look the other way in the academic achievements of a star football player, due to his “value added” to University revenue, unrelated in every way to “book learning”.

The question remains, what are the markets of the future? The United States has already lost it’s manufacturing base to Asia and jobs are not being created here for the fortunate few who do attend Universities, let alone those who do not. We need to transition to a new economic model that rewards learning financially, if we are to survive.

Private/Public partnerships that share tax revenues of goods purchased in a location, and based on a points system, might be one model to explore. This would put societies back on a basis of supporting education, writing, philosophy, art, music, science and yes… documentaries and entertainment too. Fines on poisoning, polluting, and drug industries to pay for these infrastructures would be another. This is taxing spending, (the only fair tax), and a point system would reward the inclinations of people toward their areas of interest.

A knowledge society has to be based on knowledge and the acquisition of that knowledge has to be available and rewarded just as companies with goods and services are.

The success of such a reward system for the future is predicated on an ability to prevent a mind control takeover of our networks and a healthy society, so we can make these choices to reward the right endeavors for ourselves. Individuality and Constitutional protection of human rights and IP, must prevail… rather than becoming a nation and a world of shared thoughts for the consumption of “those in need of our knowledge for economic gain”.

We may become entertainment value as puppets of those in control of the networks, (not at all necessarily the United States or any World Government.)

Social engineering, as defined by the Defense Department as preemptive conditioning as a matter of National Security, is a blanket policy that effects us all and is going to lead us all, like zombies, off of a cliff. On the other hand, leaving people defenseless against foreign powers, cyber criminals or neuro-marketers, that want access to people for entertainment purposes is totally unacceptable.

There has to be a better way. Rewarding learners and creators is the way to begin and automatic systems to prevent unwanted wireless access to us, is the method of insuring our freedom and prosperity in the future.

May 4, 2011




Sept 2009                                                                                                                               

Stop Mind Control

Stop Mind Control

 The Means and Methods to your Mind

Robin L. Ore

An article featured on a BBC web page concerning “Phorm”, a new advertising search engine aimed at targeting advertisements based on search habits rather than content raises questions and concerns about internet privacy and legality. The new service tracks web users’ searches and targets advertisements based on interests that they have. It redirects users through it’s service. It’s hopes are to compete with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

The company says that it allows the website owner to make more money and enable the smaller websites to obtain traffic and advertising revenue. The tracking of your web searching, otherwise known as micro-profiling is being practiced by all of the large search engines. Users of the Internet are being targeted, profiled and tracked. While some of the suggestions of like interests are helpful to some, others see it as a form of electronic harassment, like telemarketers on the phone lines.

None of this however, takes into account the new means and methods to your mind. Technology has advanced so rapidly in the past few years that it is now possible to market directly to a human brain. What will happen when these search engines begin profiling your mind? The future is one of “neuromarketing”, or direct brain advertising. And it’s not far into the future. It is happening already. There are now advertisements for selling time on a baby’s mind as a vacation. This is two way interactive, which means the baby will experience it also. It is the same as taking the baby’s life. These are plans for mind control slavery and there is no solution in sight for security. It is being promoted instead as an agenda for advertiser supported media with a market share of people. Singularity may become the total loss of self.

The Federation of American Scientists’ blog and research project into Government Secrecy by Steven Aftergood has been tracking the secrecy issues surrounding the U.S. Government. A lack of information and disclosure by various U.S. Government agencies concerning “new means and methods” has everybody wondering… what are they hiding? Well, for one thing, the potential lethality of these so called “non-lethal” weapons used for mind control. It’s a little known and not very well understood telemedicine capability involving software, hardware, brain and body implants. The terminology concerns the use of these with remote “haptics”, or the ability to “touch” a person through the airwaves. A new world of wireless warfare is at hand. How many people are embedded with devices and RFID tags is also unknown. The health care bill is all about these technologies for pre-emptive medicine and the equipment needed.

Originally designed to jump start a person’s heart during a heart attack by assessing their heart condition and sending signals to their pacemaker, these capabilities are just as vulnerable to hacking and profiling as your computer or cell phone. In fact, they use the same means and methods of delivery as the information that you receive on your screens. These technologies could be used to remotely “touch” your internal organs as well as your skin. It is now possible to “send” smells, tastes, and sensations directly to your brain. Clearly, the potential for abuse is widespread with the integration of network systems with the human brain. Security is essential now to save your life and ensure your rights.

Imagine a future where storing the sensations of a person burned to death in a fire can be sent and felt by the recipient. They would experience the REAL sensations as though it were happening to them, yet there would be no evidence of their pain and suffering. Instead, they have no recourse for justice, a U.S. Constitutional right.

Governments are not immune to it either. Soldiers and children alike are now grouped into one big blob of GPS and IP addresses. The frightening part is that these addresses are written on tiny little chips that are no larger than the sharp tip of a good pencil. It can be embedded in your clothing, your groceries, your electronics and your body. The smart cards and security initiatives of passports, drivers licenses and mail just give more people more ways to find you… and your children. It’s what happens when they find you and who they are that is so important these days. Anonymity on the internet has it’s place for privacy of the user but what about the privacy of an anonymous users’ victims? Once your embedded code is known, what will happen to you?

While budgets and abuses of the FBI and it’s Infraguard program are coming to light in the wake of complaints by victims of companies who are subcontracted to the FBI, the ability of these companies to move from one secret U.S. Government program to another in order to “hide” their activities has become a concern. So has the “hiding” and/or erasing of records. Are these records true or false? Are they evidence of subcontractor company abuses on the public? Who created the records and how are they indexed? Is it possible to “falsify” a persons’ thoughts? We now know that many records were destroyed but what about the victims?

Wireless technology in the form of Wi-Fi and Wi-Max is just now becoming worldwide in distribution. That means that everyone in the world will be accessible. Unfortunately, the health concerns are being completely overlooked. A recent study into the effects of wireless technology causing autism was squashed by articles everywhere that provided no links to the original study. It showed clear evidence of wireless radiation and it’s effects of concentrating toxin producing heavy metals such as mercury and uranium in brain cells. After a period of protection from wireless radiation, there was marked improvement in the subjects studied in terms of their cognitive skills.

As opposed to treating the subject as a communications technology issue, people subjected to abuse and access are termed “mentally ill” and sent into facilities for evaluations and put on drugs and surveillance. To further complicate the issue, the U.S. Government has DOD security sharing arrangements with other countries. Recent wireless spectrum auctions and plans for HDTV transitions all involve the potential for access to your brain. Companies and consumers are penalized if they do NOT buy foreign manufactured electronic equipment due to laws involving immunity from prosecution for companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Bechtel and others. No-one can (or wants to) take responsibility for the safety of the consumers and the public. There is no justice for those whom they have access to and believe that crimes are being committed against them.

Our safety is the Presidents’ responsibility, one which cannot be exercised without correct information, which is systematically being destroyed by secretive subcontractors. The program at the Pentagon, created and done in secret by Cheney and Rumsfeldt was evidently so bad, that a mirror of it in planning at the CIA caused uproar. What happened to the persons put into the Pentagon program and why is the CIA being blamed for it? These are questions we have little knowledge of because they are classified.

Some of the worst abuses may have been perpetrated by subcontractors to the DOE. In addition to secret underground bases, they have a program to “test the endurance” of people via wireless technology. Anyone who has ever been a victim of “electronic harassment” will tell you that the abuse was severe. Stories of torture via remote are all over the internet if you know where to find them. Services like “Phorm” may be finding them for you.

What is of concern to people everywhere is the ability to produce the reality of “water boarding” and “heart attacks” via remote wireless access. It is time to stop this “cabal” before a new “telemafia” emerges to destroy people in mass numbers. A documented attack on epilepsy patients who were “frozen” in place at the same time in different locations was just one example of a massively multiplayer online game (MMPOG) taken to a new level.

Ages will be difficult to define in an anonymous network system.  A joystick in the hands of a 4 year old playing a game or one in the hands of a terrorist is only the difference between the data and what happens to it. Anonymity is protection for criminals. Without “AutoLaw”, what or whom is going to protect your mind from thieves, perverts, subcontractors and other countries, like China? How will you protect your bank account information when asked? Your subliminal mind will answer truthfully before you know it, when asked any question.

All of these concerns and questions need to be brought into the discussion about the future evolution of these technologies… and what they mean for people everywhere. We are all experiencing the development of “Big Brother” ideologues and Orwellian thought control attempts. Do we have privacy to protect or is it a matter of preventing our privacy from being eroded by surveillance? This is the debate over the next decade and beyond. We cannot afford to make a mistake. Reality and virtual reality must be a factor in the decisions about the future of our lives on planet earth. Our lives and our minds may depend on it.

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